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Housekeeping Material

We Provide Best HouseKeeping Material

We love house cleaning Seattle homes and offices and making them shine, satisfying each and every single client  one at time.

Take a Look at Our HouseKeeping Material

Taski R1

Taski R2

Taski R3

Taski R4

Taski R5

Taski R6

Taski R9

Taski TR101

Taski TR103


Bowl Cleaner


Micro Fiber Cloth

Latex Gloves

Micrifiber Mop

Window Washer

Long Handle Floor Scrapper

Floor Scrapper

Window Cleaning Kit

Plastic Window Scrubber

Bended Tube Brush

Ringed Brush

Spray Bottle

Plastic Window Scrubber


Vacuum Bags

Lint Brushes

Granite Cleaner

Jet Dry

Laundry Fabric Softener

Dish Washer Soap

Disinfecting Cleaner